Questions and answers

How many classes can I register to participate each semester?

Because of the high demand for our programs, you can register only one class or group per semester at the Covestro Science Lab. We apologize for this limitation, but we would like to enable as many schools/institutions as possible to have a day at our Science Lab.

What is the maximum number of participants in a program at Covestro Science Lab?
The ideal group size is between 18 and 24 participants. The size of a group is limited to a maximum of 30 participants (including teachers/supervisors). Teamwork is very important in our Science Lab courses. Large groups make teamwork more difficult, and it frequently is hard for the students to achieve the educational objectives of the program. The feeling of working in a real company also gets lost in a large group.

Can participants also receive information on career and vocational training opportunities?
They certainly can! Please state this request when you register your group. By request we can offer a roughly one-hour information event on vocational and academic career opportunities at Covestro and Currenta.
How far in advance can I book a program?
We usually accept registrations around the time of the fall and Easter breaks for the subsequent school semester. The exact dates will be posted here on our website. Exceptions are made for groups that need to plan an overnight stay, e.g in a youth hostel. Such groups are welcome to plan farther in advance.
Please state this request when you inquire about available dates.
Can we find out in advance which product is going to be made?
We can let you know shortly before your scheduled visit. Unfortunately, we cannot let you know far in advance. However, knowing the product is not critical to a successful day at Covestro Science Lab. No matter what the object, the participants will experience how a product idea is converted into a finished product – which they can also take home.
Should we divide up the group into teams before our scheduled visit?
Please don't! The groups need not be of the same size. It is important to us that the participants divide up into teams themselves. As the day progresses, they take responsibility for the success of their teamwork. To this end, it is important that joining a certain group is voluntary. If they fail to form teams, or if a team is too small, then we can show them how we deal with such situations in the company.
Can I also bring an 8th grade class to the Covestro Science Lab?
You are welcome to bring your 8th graders if all of them are at least 14 years old. Due to Chempark regulations and the German Youth Protection Act, no exceptions can be made to this minimum age limit. It is particularly effective for those grades to visit us that are currently in the career orientation phase.