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The student laboratory is located at the center of the Chempark site in Leverkusen/Cologne, surrounded by enormous manufacturing plants and production buildings. This connection to the real working world is enhanced by the fact that the participants have the opportunity to operate a 250,000-euro injection molding machine.

The authentic environment – the school children are only permitted access to plant grounds when they have been issued a visitor ID – creates the ideal setting for learning and new experiences. We give all participants in the student laboratory a glimpse of the practical working world and a new view of what it's like to work in the natural sciences. The program naturally also includes meals and supervision.

Why and for whom
  •  Take a look behind the scenes at the Covestro Science Lab! 
  •   Discover interesting careers!  
  •   Find out what your strengths are!  
  •   Thinking of changing your major? Rethink decisions.  
  •   Hands-on chemistry! It's motivational – For school children in grades 9 and 10  
  •   Chemistry class on the practical side – For the senior grades  
  •   Lecture hall versus plastics lab – For university students  
  •   Career exposure program – For prospective vocational trainees  
  •   Expanding educational horizons – For teachers  
  •   A chance to get involved – For the families of customers and employees
A day at Covestro Science Lab begins at 9 a.m. A welcoming address – getting acquainted – discussion – questions – and then it's time to get to work. Both minds and machines run at full steam during the work phase. That's why there's a planned break for some relaxation. Once the work is completed, it gets evaluated, presented, praised and constructively criticized.

Your starting material: plastic in granule form! What can be made out of it? We want your ideas! Give your imagination free reign! Which plastic is best suited to the task? That question is for the material testers! A lot of ideas, but which one is feasible? Ideas are turned into reality using a modern injection molding machine. In the end, you can proudly hold your finished product in your own two hands. What an achievement!

The day's schedule in detail.

The teams and their tasks
A choice can be made between five teams with different tasks. The research team tracks down the right material. The design team deals with colors, effects, textures and shapes. Raw materials procurement, the right machine settings and efficient manufacturing are a challenge for the engineering team. The finance team makes sure the numbers are right, while the communications team is responsible for smooth collaboration between all the teams and for presenting the results.
Some 3,000 take part in the student laboratory every year.

We receive a great deal of positive feedback from school students, teachers, university students, vocational students and many other program participants and visitors.

You, too, can send us your feedback about our concept and programs.

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