Hands-on chemistry at Covestro Science Lab in Leverkusen.

Student laboratory

The Science Lab remains closed until further notice due to the corona pandemic. We will open our laboratory again to interested school classes in due course.

For one day, Covestro Science Lab enables groups of school children and students to experience the various steps involved in making plastic products – and gain an insight into the workings of a modern company. In the student laboratory, they can design, develop and produce everyday objects, such as colorful cups, egg spoons or egg cups.
injection molding machine
The injection molding machine is a real highlight of Covestro Science Lab.
One of the program's basic principles is to address school children on their own level, linking their experiences with those of the company. This approach differs depending on the children's age and grade, and the type of school they attend. The program ties into their world, through discussions about everyday products, such as CDs, cell phones or shoes. What products are familiar to me? What “stuff” is in what products? This helps to make the connection between the products themselves and the materials which will also be used in the student laboratory and product development, i.e. from the idea to the finished product, or from the finished product back to the idea.
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