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      Taking on social responsibility

      Covestro has incorporated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They build a foundation for the company's decisions and activities. One of the goals is supporting “good health and well-being”. And this is exactly what Covestro does by supporting sports clubs close to its production sites.


      Taking on social responsibility

      Covestro has incorporated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They build a foundation for the company's decisions and activities. One of the goals is supporting “good health and well-being”. And this is exactly what Covestro does by supporting sports clubs close to its production sites.

      Sports clubs play a special role in everyday life. They promote physical development and impart social values - especially to children and adolescents. A wide range of sports and leisure activities at Covestro sites also helps employees lead healthy lives.

      Thus, Covestro is helping to ensure that clubs can maintain their activities. Supporting sports has a long tradition at Covestro – one that started back when the company was founded. Sports inspire, spark emotions, and speak a language that everyone can understand. Just like Covestro!

      Sponsorship activities in Leverkusen

      As of March 2019, a total of 300 rental bikes have been available to citizens, commuters, and tourists in Leverkusen at more than 40 stations throughout the city. The silver bicycles with seven gears bear the Covestro logo. The company is the main sponsor of the environmentally friendly bike sharing system, known as „wupsiRad“.

      Sustainability is part of Covestro's corporate strategy. Hence, the company is working hard to promote environmentally friendly mobility in Leverkusen, and supporting a key future component of urban development with the bike sharing system.

      It is operated by Leverkusen mobility service provider wupsi on behalf of the city of Leverkusen. Shared mobility is a crucial element of the urban mobility concept. The company nextbike rents out the bikes and handles local service.

      Other projects Covestro has supported in Leverkusen

      Covestro is also involved in sports sponsorship in Leverkusen and has been a long-standing supporter of RTHC Bayer Leverkusen e.V.. The club was established in 1951 by three independent clubs. Today, it has more than 2,000 members and offers not only the traditional sports of rowing, tennis and hockey, but also fitness and health activities.

      Courses range from classic gymnastics to back fitness training and walking. The weight room of the club is available for athletes. The aim of RTHC is to help people find ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in all areas of their lives.

      Sponsorship activities in Dormagen

      Covestro has been supporting the TSV Bayer Dormagen 1920 e.V. since 2015. With approximately 4,000 members, it is Dormagen's biggest sports club and one of the largest in the region Rhein-Kreis Neuss. It is known for its sabre fencer and its handball department, as TSV Bayer Dormagen is currently playing in the 2nd division of the National Handball League (HBL).

      In addition, the club offers a broad range of various other sporting activities. Members can train and take courses in the following sports: basketball, fencing, soccer, handball, judo, jujutsu, track and field, swimming, diving, triathlon, gymnastics, and volleyball. Members can also attend to senior, preventative, and rehabilitation sports courses.

      The TSV Dormagen's children’s sports concept focuses not only on competitive sports. It also offers services for children with limited athletic experience. The club's own kid's sports school “KiSS” offers different programs for basic motor skills training. It is therefore not a surprise that TSV Dormagen has been awarded the quality seal of “Child-friendly Sports Club” from the state sports association of North Rhine-Westphalia.

      Sponsorship activities in Krefeld

      Covestro is a sponsor of the triathlon at Elfrather See. Source: sportograf.de

      By sponsoring the SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen e.V. and its 6,000 members, Covestro has been supporting one of the largest multi-division sports clubs in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2015. It has 15 different departments, where members can play sports such as soccer, handball, basketball, track and field and cheerleading.

      Badminton, cricket, futsal, judo, canoing, karate, tennis, table tennis, triathlon and wind surfing are other competitive sports that the club offers. The club's facilities on Löschenhofweg in Krefeld are all housed within the “Covestro Sportpark Uerdingen.” In addition, the club has its own outdoor facilities for tennis, canoeing and wind surfing. Its recreational, children’s and senior's sports divisions also offer a wide range of programs for the entire family. Customers can also take professional courses in fitness and health sports.

      The "Covestro SoccArena" is a multifunctional, small-pitch outdoor arena which is not only available to the club memebers, but to other sports groups as well.

      Another highlight of SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen is the "Covestro SoccArena.” This multifunctional, small outdoor arena is 30 x 15 meters in size and open on all sides. Thanks to its generous canopy and all-around boards, amateur soccer players can play here no matter what the weather is like. The outdoor arena provides ultimate enjoyment, be it for children’s birthday parties, soccer tournaments or other types of events. The facility also encompasses holiday camps, beach clubs, company health management events and the club’s own sports shop, “Flockpoint”.

      Other projects Covestro has supported in Krefeld-Uerdingen

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