Site modernization programs

Investing millions

Covestro is investing millions in capital expenditure projects in Germany. The company also collaborates with external partners on research projects.
Covestro researcher Dr. Christoph Gürtler and university professor Walter Leitner
A professional consultation: Covestro researcher Dr. Christoph Gürtler (left) and university professor Walter Leitner inspect a foam sample made from CO2 at the CAT Catalytic Center in Aachen (Germany).
Covestro’s focus is on efficiency and sustainability, which is why the company is committed to the maintenance and expansion of its production facilities, efficient processes and targeted investments in capacity.

The company is investing in the construction of a production line for CO2-based polyols at its Dormagen site as part of the Dream Production project. CO2 will be used here to replace a portion of the conventional raw materials such as petroleum derivatives.

Another example of a major capital investment project is the erection of a new world-scale plant in Dormagen for the production of TDI, a polyurethane precursor. This plant, which went on stream in late 2014, is the basis for future optimizations at the Dormagen and Brunsbüttel sites.

As part of another project, a carbon monoxide pipeline will connect the site in North Rhine-Westphalia to the nearby plant in Krefeld-Uerdingen. The pipeline has already been laid, but has not yet been placed into operation due to a legal dispute.

The company engages in joint research projects with leading German universities and scientific institutions. One of its partners is the CAT Catalytic Center in Aachen, which is operated jointly by the university there and Covestro.