Efficient and reliable supply

Everything you need

The raw materials and energy supply network at the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park connects companies to everything they need. Whether electricity, steam or natural gas, or refrigeration, nitrogen, compressed air or water – all are continuously available at market prices.
Covestro Industripark Infrastruktur
Employee in the gas phase oxidation plant

The electricity and gas supplies from the public grid are managed by Covestro Brunsbüttel Energie GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Covestro. Steam, refrigeration and cooling, compressed air and nitrogen are supplied by the company’s own power plant on site. Feeds to the plants are handled by a complex system of pipelines. Rounding out the range of utilities supplied is water for cooling, processes and drinking purposes, which is available in large quantities at all times.

State-of-the-art disposal and sustainable recycling management are further key service features of the Brunsbüttel chemical site.

Biological wastewater treatment plant

A special treatment plant, for example, ensures that production plant wastewater contaminated with organics is purified biologically. The process has been copied from nature: With the help of oxygen dissolved in the water, bacteria “eat” the organic substances and grow and multiply as a result. The water treatment plant with its four biological towers can treat up to 3,840 cubic meters of wastewater daily.

Thanks to constant improvements and technical modifications to the plant, such as the installation of an upstream denitrification stage, the quality of the water released into the Elbe is improving continuously.

Another installation for treating production wastewater is a gas-phase oxidation plant (GPO), which can also be used to recycle liquid wastes with high heating value. Both wastewater and liquid wastes are incinerated in the gaseous phase with atmospheric oxygen and the help of a liquid fuel support flame. The organic pollutants are completely oxidized during this process. The inorganic constituents are fed as salts into the water, which may then require post-treatment.

The GPO plant comprises two functional elements:

  • an evaporation unit for concentrating wastewater and liquid wastes (with an evaporation capacity of 150,000 cubic meters per year)
  • and an incineration unit with steam generation and attached flue gas scrubber (annual capacity of the combustion unit is 25,000 cubic meters).