Favorable location offers strategic advantages

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The Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park offers strategic advantages thanks to its location at the confluence of major waterways. Added to this are the proximity to the Port of Hamburg and the site’s integration into ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel, the largest industrial zone in Schleswig-Holstein.
The Covestro Industrial Park offers access to two ports: the Port of Ostermoor on the Kiel Canal and the Elbehafen where the Elbe river flows into the North Sea. Good access to road, rail and air transportation round out a range of logistics services that are sure to satisfy any requirements.
Elbe River port

    •    Ships up to 350 m long and a draft of 14.50m (Panamax class)
    •    Trimodal container traffic (water, rail, road)
    •    Petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, bulk goods, general cargo
    •    Affreightment of maritime vessels, coasters, inland vessels
    •    Conveyor systems
    •    Pipelines

Port of Ostermoor

    •    Ships up to 235 m long and a draft of 10.40 m
    •    Petroleum, various liquid and gaseous chemicals, fertilizer
    •    Protected location
    •    Conveyor systems
    •    Pipelines

ChemCoast network 

With the ChemCoast network, businesses and government hope to strengthen northern Germany as a location for the chemical industry. ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttelis one of the initiative’s five sites. For more than 30 years, the 2,000-hectare site has been home to companies from the chemical, petroleum, power generation and logistics industries. The Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park is part of this network, in which more than 4,000 people are employed.

The ChemCoast partners collaborate closely in procurement and the utilization of resources and services, but particularly with respect to logistics, hazardous waste disposal and power generation. The network therefore offers new members an excellent starting position.

Greater Hamburg Region

As well as its integration into the ChemCoast network and the Lower Elbe region, the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park also benefits from its proximity to the Greater Hamburg Region, an international leader in communications, logistics, aviation and port management.

Perfect coordination between sea and inland ports, as well as air and rail transport, has earned Hamburg a reputation as one of the world’s most modern logistics centers. The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s largest sea port and the second largest in Europe.

Easy living

It isn’t just the chemical industry that finds Brunsbüttel attractive – the people who live and work here do, too. Families have an attractive residential environment with modern childcare services and an excellent school system. There is also a wealth of continuing education opportunities and prestigious universities, including in Hamburg and Kiel.

Brunsbüttel Brunsbüttel offers a broad range of cultural activities, but the top recreational attraction in the region is the nearby Wattenmeer National Park with its healthy, bracing climate and the North Frisian islands.