Covestro Brunsbüttel Energie GmbH

No energy - no chemistry Covestro Brunsbüttel Energie GmbH supplies manufacturing companies in the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park with electricity and natural gas – 24/7, flexibly and economically.

Founded in early 2013, this wholly-owned subsidiary of Covestro AG also operates the distribution networks that cover the site with some 400 kilometers of electrical cable and seven kilometers of gas pipeline. These are used to supply electricity and natural gas directly to manufacturing sites – reliably and in line with demand.

Roughly a dozen employees monitor the technology, maintain the energy plants, meter consumption and invoice accordingly. Our team ensures that all of our customers receive exactly the amount and quality of electricity and natural gas that they need. And we do it under favorable conditions thanks to our intelligent procurement strategies and active portfolio management.

This way, we not only ensure smooth production in the industrial park, but also help the companies there to reduce their energy bills, thus helping them to remain competitive.