Covestro Brunsbüttel Energie GmbH

No energy - no chemistry Covestro Brunsbüttel Energie GmbH supplies manufacturing companies in the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park with electricity and natural gas – 24/7, flexibly and economically.

The subsidiary of Covestro Deutschland AG, founded at the beginning of 2013, operates the distribution networks in the Covestro Industrial Park Brunsbüttel. They run through the site with power cables about 400 kilometers long and natural gas pipelines about eight kilometers long. They feed electricity and natural gas directly into the production facilities – reliably and precisely as needed.

About 20 employees monitor the technology, maintain the energy systems, measure the consumption and bill it. Our team ensures that every customer receives exactly the quantities and qualities of electricity and natural gas they need. And on favorable terms – thanks to our intelligent procurement strategies and our active portfolio management.

This way, we not only ensure smooth production in the Industrial Park, but also help local companies save energy costs – and thus remain competitive.