We supply our customers in the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park with low-, medium-, and high-voltage electricity. The amounts and amperage are tailored to their individual needs. Our structured procurement on the electricity market offers a high degree of planning security, plus a favorable price/performance ratio.

As electricity supplier for a major German chemical park, we also ensure the highest degree of supply certainty possible. We can draw on many years of experience both in energy procurement and the operation of an electrical grid.

The energy market is a highly complex field, where current developments have an enormous influence on the success of a manufacturing enterprise. We are happy to provide consultation on connecting new systems and optimizing your existing supply model. We can assist you in detecting statutory and business trends early and work with you to develop a flexible power supply agreement adapted to your needs that will support your competitiveness over many years.

Electricity distribution network

In the Covestro Brunsbüttel Industrial Park, we operate a comprehensive distribution network for electrical energy at different voltage levels, from low to high voltage. We purchase the required amount of energy on the electricity market, convert it using our own transformers to the required voltage levels and distribute the electricity across our industrial grid.

Our flexible distribution structures ensure a reliable and economical supply of electricity with a high level of availability. Maintenance work is generally performed without interruption to the power supply. We’re there for you – around the clock. That’s how we support stable production processes and enhance system availability in our customers’ plants.

When you want to connect new systems to our power distribution grid, we’re there to provide comprehensive consultation. Our demand-based distribution substations and transformers for different current-voltage levels help us ensure you have flexibility in your electrical infrastructure – from the very beginning and adapted to your corporate objectives.