Headquarters and proud history

On the pulse of the company

The heart of Covestro beats in Leverkusen: the company has its headquarters here; research and production are also carried out here. The Bayer Group, to which Covestro once belonged, set up camp in the city on the Rhine with its convenient transportation connections in the early 20th century.
Covestro Site Leverkusen
Some eight decades ago, Leverkusen was the site of a far-reaching invention when chemist Otto Bayer discovered polyurethane, a plastic now indispensable for our daily lives. It is used in the form of flexible foam for the production of mattresses, upholstered furniture and automobile seats; as rigid foam, it used to insulate buildings and refrigeration equipment.

Polyurethane is also the basis of raw materials for coatings, adhesives and sealants required in the automotive, construction and numerous other industries. Production of the corresponding precursors are one focus of production operations in Leverkusen. Also produced here are basic chemicals such as chlorine, sodium hydroxide solution and hydrogen, which serve as starting materials for roughly 80 percent of the company’s products.

Headquarters in a verdant setting

In the middle of Chempark Leverkusen, the home to not just Covestro but a number of other companies including Bayer and Lanxess, is the 220,000 square meter Carl Duisberg Park, a “green lung” with expansive lawns and old-growth trees.

Both it and the Japanese Garden at its center – an oasis known far beyond the borders of Leverkusen and a popular subject of photographers, particularly during the spring blossom – are open to the public. More than 3,200 Covestro employees can also come here at lunchtime or after work to relax amidst exotic plants and sculptures.

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