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      Welcome to the Covestro Germany Media Center. It is important to us to interact closely with our neighbors, customers, service providers, employees, and anyone who wants to find out more about Covestro. Are you looking for press releases, social media links, photos, videos, and publications about the German Covestro sites? Then you are absolutely right here. And if you still happen to have any questions, we would be happy to help.

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      Spotify Podcast “Benzinfreie Zukunft” (Fuelless Future)

      “Fuelless Future” is a podcast by Team Sonnenwagen Aachen on the subject of electromobility, green technology and climate protection. Together with exciting guests, such as Prof. Günther Schuh or experts from Covestro AG, we talk about their careers, what they do and where they see the future of mobility. Jennifer Machura and Iskender Demir take turns to host the podcast.

      Episode 4

      Race fanatic, electric, student

      In this episode of Fuelless Future, Jennifer Machura talks with Anna Zheng and Sebastian Lassen from the Formula Student Team “Ecurie Aix” from RWTH Aachen about ...

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      Episode 3

      Plastics for a Sustainable Future

      In the third episode of “Fuelless Future”, Iskender Demir talks to Markus Mechtel and Julian Marschewski from Covestro AG about how plastics ...

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      Episode 2

      The Mobility of the Future

      What does the mobility of tomorrow look like? In this second episode of “Fuelless Future”, Iskender Demir talks to Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh about e.Go Mobile AG and how we will be getting around cities in the future ...

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      Episode 1

      From a Shared Apartment to the Australian Outback

      In the first episode of “Fuelless Future”, Jennifer Machura talks to Hendrik Löbberding, the founder of Sonnenwagen Aachen. He tells us about his career ...

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      Jochen Klüner

      Director and Site Communications Leverkusen

      Phone: +49 214 6009 3741

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      Site Communications Krefeld-Uerdingen

      Phone: +49 2151 4856 721

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      Site Communications Dormagen

      Phone: +49 2133 237 4711

      E-Mail: anja.montag@covestro.com

      Sabine Maaß

      Contact Brunsbüttel

      Phone: +49 4852 81 3233

      E-Mail: sabine.maass@covestro.com

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